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NEOC/Osborne Group Collaboration

The Osborne Group has been helping organizations succeed since 1993.  They provide a wide range of professional interim management, consulting, planning, and project management services. They service clients of all sizes in the private, public, and not for profit sectors. They are a Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario.


They offer extraordinary executive leadership at a reasonable price. Osborne principals each have extensive senior management experience and bring practical, transferable skills to every assignment. They grasp situations quickly; develop customized solutions in collaboration with the client and, from day one, do the hands-on work that gets desired results.


With extensive background and experience in the Not-for-profit sector, The Osborne Group principals offer a wide range of solutions in the following areas:

  • Interim Executive Leadership

  • People & Culture

  • Organizational Design and Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Governance

  • Amalgamations and Integrations

  • Finance


On every assignment, Osborne principals can be counted on to focus on client’s real needs; collaborate to develop the best solutions; work with integrity; provide excellent quality service, commit to outstanding results; and provide outstanding value for money.


The NEOC program is designed to do two things:

  1. Provide assessment tools and support to help organizations develop better, more sustainable, workplace cultures.

  2. Create branding opportunities to help organizations become recognized employers of choice.


The collaboration between NEOC and The Osborne Group will help achieve both objectives. With Osborne’s years and depth of experience, they will be able to help NEOC clients resolve tough issues, develop leading-edge strategy, and build stronger, more resilient “employer of choice” workplaces.


Special Offer!


Principals from The Osborne Group will join NEOC staff in providing feedback on your application and NEOC Data Summary report, recommending follow-up actions that your Board and leadership can take to strengthen your organization.

NEOC is very excited to be part of this collaborative effort and look forward to all the amazing support The Osborne Group can provide NEOC clients.


Testimonial from Judy Fantham – Osborne Principal…

Osborne Group principal Judy Fantham has experienced the power of participating in the award process firsthand. Judy describes her experience in the following testimonial:

“In 2018, I was asked to take on the leadership of a small, nonprofit agency in deep trouble. Where to start? I sensed staff had become afraid to tell truth to power, so I relied on the Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice (NEOC) Award to learn that truth because I trusted the NEOC brand. I anticipated low scores, and that was what we heard. The truth was difficult to hear but the organization needed a baseline because we were determined to turn around the agency for both staff and clients. They deserved it!"


"The NEOC leadership delivered the truth constructively and provided an objective, third-party foundation for the recommended action plan. A year later, we were recognized with a Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award! Today I am consulting with other nonprofit organizations as a principal with The Osborne Group. I can tell you – from the heart – that the NEOC award improved staff morale with measurable results, helped recruit in a tough sector, and everyone’s efforts were commended by the board for a job well done.”



2024 registration is now open

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